Aja Naomi King for Nylon February 2019

Aja will be featured in the February 2019 issue of Nylon Magazine as well as on the cover! I’ve added some photos to the gallery, and you can watch a video from her shoot below.

Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019Nylon February 2019

Aja Naomi King is a Capricorn. That’s important, a necessary revelation; it explains many things about the acuteness of King’s acting, and the impressive steadiness of her career thus far. Another revelation: Our birthdays are a day apart, hers on the 11th, mine on the 10th. This gave us (gave me) an instant bond when we were first introduced, one that feels akin to sisterhood, a very specific sisterhood that provides a rare understanding of all our shared, confusingly distinctive idiosyncrasies. But it also makes sense: Capricorns are said to possess a great specificity. We like what we like, determinedly. We are the quintessential Keep Calm and Carry On poster; we are the elders of astrology, precisely because of an innate wisdom we carry, one that, at times, feels preordained. I told King all this, with heady enthusiasm and no irony, the morning we met, and she agreed with excited sighs and giddy nods, mirroring my energy completely. I breathed a sigh of relief. Bringing up astrology can be a gamble. But it wound up being a safe bet with King.
“Every first of the month,” King said, “I send my mom and my little sisters their horoscope. It’s tradition.” The way that she said that last part, the part about tradition and family, transported me straight to a scene in the movie Ever After, when the young Danielle de Barbarac (aka Cinderella) turns to her friend, Gustave, and explains that her father always turns to wave her a last goodbye, as he rides away on horseback, off to another job. “It’s tradition,” Cinderella says with a calm assuredness.

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