Who What Wear’s Rising Stars of Fall 2015

Aja Naomi King - Who What Wear Rising Stars 2015

Aja appeared in an article for Who What Wear about the next TV “it” girls of Fall 2015. She was listed along with Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens), Isabelle Fuhrman (Masters of Sex), and Rebecca Rittenhouse (Blood & Oil).

WWW: You mentioned you loved Michaela’s style. How would you describe your own look?
AK: With me it really depends on the day. Mostly all I do right now is go to work, so it’s dressing up to go to work to take those clothes off and put on my character’s wardrobe. But there are some days when I want to feel girly, flirty, and fun, and I’ll wear cute shorts and a nice top or throw on a dress. I love to be able to throw on one-piece outfits, like rompers and dresses, things that are easy to pair with bits of jewelry and shoes and look really put together but are also extremely comfortable. And then there are other days I want to be completely bundled up in like a million layers of sweaters, jeans, and boots—just buried inside of my clothing. It’s whatever grabs me in the moment.

WWW: What’s your go-to fashion piece for fall?
AK: Well I’m big on sweaters. Urban [Outfitters] and Banana Republic always have comfortable and fun options to throw on. So that would be great for fall if it actually cools down. In L.A., however, everyone will probably be grabbing a pair of linen shorts and calling it a day.

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