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Aja Naomi King and Karen David for Elle 2015

Aja appeared in the February 2015 issue of Elle along with Galavant star Karen David, for their featured The 7 Most Exciting Newcomers on TV This Season.

Aja Naomi King and Karen David for Elle Magazine February 2015

Aja Naomi King, 30, (left) is buttoned-up and all business on ABC’s hit How to Get Away With Murder as overachieving, no-nonsense law student Michaela Pratt. Yet, underneath that striver exterior is enough survival-of-the-fittest moxie to get her through the on-campus murder cover-up in which she and three peers have found themselves. Karen David, 35,sings, dances, swings a sword, and delivers one heck of a punch line as Isabella, princess of the exotic kingdom of Valencia, who’s been sent to rally a new hero for her struggling people in the current ABC musical comedy Galavant.


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