Aja Naomi King at Coachella 2017

    I’ve added pictures of Aja at a brunch and pool party hosted by Popsugar last weekend at Coachella to the gallery! She is pictured with her HTGAWM co-star Jack Falahee and friend Yara Shahidi.

    Coachella 2017Coachella 2017Coachella 2017Coachella 2017
    Marie Claire “Fresh Faces” May 2017 Issue Scans

    I’ve got photos from the May 2017 “Fresh Faces” issue of Marie Claire, featuring Aja! I’ve added them to the gallery.

    Aja Naomi King covers Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces May 2017 issue

    Aja is featured as one of the cover stars of Marie Claire‘s 2017 Fresh Faces issue! Emily Ratajkowski, Janelle Monae, Zoey, Deutch, and Alexandra Daddario also have their own covers. There’s an excerpt from the article below and 2 videos. I’ve also added photos to the gallery, and scans will come when the issue is released. Marie Claire‘s May 2017 Fresh Faces issues hits newsstands on April 18!

    Marie Claire May 2017

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    Aja Naomi King featured in Allure’s Diversity Issue

    Aja is featured in teh April 2017 Diversity Issue of Allure Magazine, where she shares her experience with skin tone and diversity.

    Aja Naomi King, actress, How to Get Away With Murder

    “I was afraid of the darkness of my skin. I believed I had to be celebrated for my intelligence and my sense of humor. Those could be the beautiful things about me since my skin couldn’t. I remember in junior high having a beach day with my family and going to school the next day. Someone in my class exclaimed shock at my appearance. She didn’t know black people could tan. The look on her face stuck with me. For years, I wanted to avoid direct sunlight. The comments you hear as a child stick with you. [I was] afraid of photos in dark rooms because you know no one will be able to see you in the picture and [people] will make fun of you. [I feared] walking into a room that has a black wall and hearing someone remark about how you’ve disappeared. You try to avoid these situations so you’re not in a position to act like you don’t care or [you] make fun of the darkness of your skin before someone else does so that maybe it will sting less. It has been a process of self-love to embrace the beauty of every single drop that makes up the richness that is my beautiful brown skin. If you learn anything in life, learn to love yourself. There is no amount of makeup or skin-care products that will make you love yourself.”

    ‘The Birth of a Nation’ HD Screen Captures

    I’ve got HD screen captures from Aja’s recent film The Birth of a Nation! View all 800+ captures in the gallery.

    The Birth of a NationThe Birth of a NationThe Birth of a NationThe Birth of a NationThe Birth of a NationThe Birth of a NationThe Birth of a NationThe Birth of a Nation
    W Magazine: Getting Ready With Aja Naomi King

    W Magazine did a feature last week where they gave us a behind the scenes look of Aja getting ready to go to the Miu Miu show at Paris Fashion Week! There are a few pictures, which I’ve added to the gallery.