Kelly McCreary and Aja Naomi King on the Power of Sisterhood

Aja is featured in an interview with her friend and fellow actress Kelly McCreary on the new! In the interview, they discuss their friendship and the entertainment industry.

Actors Kelly McCreary and Aja Naomi King met in an airport in 2012. They were both boarding a plane to Vancouver to shoot the pilot for “Emily Owens M.D.,” a drama about doctors in which they would eventually co-star. The show was short-lived, but their friendship was not — the two have remained close, navigating Hollywood’s strange landscape, celebrating each other’s successes, and always having each other’s backs. On the eve of the season premieres of their Shondaland shows (King plays Michaela Pratt on “How to Get Away With Murder” and McCreary plays Maggie Pierce on “Grey’s Anatomy”), they talked business, inclusion, competition, TV — and how they maintain their inspiring friendship through it all.

KM: So, we’ve known each other since before we both arrived in Shondaland.

ANK: Yes, we got on a plane together to fly to Vancouver to shoot that pilot [for “Emily Owens M.D.”], and we got to sit beside each other [and] we talked the whole way there. I even think I told you then — because you were cast before I was and I still had to test for [the show] — when I saw you were cast, I immediately thought, “Oh, well they picked their black girl. They’re not going to cast me now.” So, when I also got the job, I was just like, “Whoa.” It felt so groundbreaking and amazing.

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